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Ideal for those seeking emotional well-being and growth,

These High Quality, Studio Recorded guided sessions are recorded in 432hz, include bilateral simulation, inner child healing, parts work, and neurolinguistic reprogramming.

They offer a safe space to address past traumas and  promote stress and anxiety relief. Rediscover joy and cultivate self-love. Start your healing journey now – nurture your inner child today.

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These virtual sessions offer you the pprotunity to focus on:

Trauma Healing :Experience profound healing and transformation by addressing and overcoming past traumas.

Knowing What You Want :Discover your deepest desires and values to make choices that align with your authentic self.

Aligning with What You Want:Harmonize your actions and intentions with your true goals to achieve personal growth and fulfillment.

You can book packages in 1, 3, 5, or 10 based on your goals.

Private 1:1 Sessions 


Get my 5-part Inner Child Meditation Series

I’m Alara Vaiana, I believe everyone deserves a life of incredible quality, one that exceeds their wildest dreams tenfold.

I will guide you in uncovering the barriers preventing you from living an extraordinary life, using practical strategies and tools that have transformed my life and are positively impacting people worldwide.

My Qualifications
There are a vast array of tools that I bring into my healing sessions as I've trained in over ten different healing modalities over the past decade, including: 

- Parts-work
- Positive Intent
- DBT: Dialectical behavior therapy
- CBT: Cognitive behavioral therapy
-ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis 
- Neurolinguistic Reprogramming
- Quantum Healing
- Quantum Alignment 
- Qi Gong
- Native American Medicine and Nutrition 
- Inner Family Systems
- Introduction to Gene Keys 
- Introduction to Human Design 

I also have my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Northern Arizona University.

Aloha friend!

"Life Changing."

Working with Alara has changed everything from the micro choices I make, to how I show up in my daily life. Because of the time and money I invested, i finally feel like I've healed my childhood trauma and am finally free. Years of therapy didn't do what we accomplished in just 21 days. 

- Catherine M. 

"The Most Healing Thing I've EVER Done"

  "I have tried everything from talk therapy, medications, EMDR, energy healing, regular yoga, and I can't even count how many other modalities, and I haven't found anything that has moved the needle more than the 1:1 session's I've done with Alara. It's been worth every penny, I only wish I found her sooner.

- Mary T. 

"Alara Changed My Life"

I was experiencing a great deal of overwhelm with my work in a hospital (I'm a nurse), I needed to calm down and found Alara's Meditation. Within a few minutes I was crying, hugging myrself, just having a massive emotional release. It was extremely profound. Thank you Alara, From the bottom of my heart! If you need stress and anxiety relief, I highly recommend Alara's meditations.

- Megan H.